What do I wear to my appointment?


The Client wears clothing that is comfortable. Throughout the session you remain fully clothed.


How long will the appointment be?


These are one on one sessions by appointment only. Usually appointments last 60 - 90 Mins.


What does a touch for health session consist of?


We assess the entire body all 14 Meridians.

We establish all the over and under energies and correct them. 

We use correction techiques such as:

Spinal Reflex




Origin/ Insertion 


Accupressure Holding Points

Sound Balance

Color Balance

Emotional stress Technique 

Neurolyphatic Release

Essential Oils  

Bach Remedy


All of the techniques are gentle.


Is Touch for Health covered under group benefit plans?


We suggest you contact your insurance company to find out. 












1-587-578-SKYE (7593)